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Universal Over-Head Handsfree Boom Mic
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Universal Over-Head Handsfree Boom Mic

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Universal Over-Head Handsfree Boom Mic

Item Description
Over the head handsfree headset with Boom microphone! Great for most cellular phone models using either a 2.5 mm audio jack on the cell phone or 2.5 mm audio adapter!Boom microphone reduces background noise!Great clear audio quality!The convenience of an over the head stable hands free headset adapter.Designed to fit all but the largest heads.Over the head headset has speaker integrated into over head loop for clear sound & greater comfort. Also has a miniature clip to keep the cord in place.This handsfree head is compatible with most cell phones!One year warranty.If your cell phone model is Not on the Drop-down Menu then click on the Audio Adapters necessary to use these handsfree headsets & sold separately!Makes answering your cellular phone hands free fast safe and Easy!Supported Models and Categories:Audiovox PCX-1000/ PCX-1000XL/ PCX-1000XLE/ PCX-1000XLGTE/ PCX-1000XLP/ PCX-1000XLUSU cellular accessoriesAudiovox UTStarcom CDM-105/ CDM-7000 cell phone accessoriesAudiovox CDM-120 Cellular AccessoriesAudiovox CDM-130/ CDM-130XL/ CDM-135/ CDM-135XL/ PCX-1100XL/ PCX-1110XL Cellular AccessoriesCDM180 Series AccessoriesGS200-GX10i series accessories2032/ Thera PDA series accessoriesMVX300 Series AccessoriesCDM3000 Series AccessoriesCDM3300 Series AccessoriesPCX3500 Series AccessoriesPCX3600 Series AccessoriesCDM4000 Series AccessoriesMVX405 Series AccessoriesMVX425/700 Series AccessoriesMVX440 Series AccessoriesMVX501 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