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Cosmi Corporation 40215 Perfect Patents  Copyrights & Trademarks*
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Cosmi Corporation 40215 Perfect Patents Copyrights & Trademarks*

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Cosmi Corporation 40215 Perfect Patents  Copyrights & Trademarks*

Item Description
Quickly create custom business and personal legal documents Product Information Get the legal forms you need with PC Attorney.  Have what you need at your fingertips - it fast and convenient.  As an added bonus included free is Legal 911.  Get answers to the legal questions you have in the convenience of your own home. * Please note the content of the CD-ROM is PC Attorney & Legal 911 NOT Perfect Patents Copyrights & Trademarks. We believe that the product Disc is mislabeled the description matches the content of the Disc. Product Title Included PC Attorney PC Attorney includes 100 legal forms with categories ranging from wills living trusts leases and insurance to bill of sale promissory notes marriage and more!  Simply type answers to the questions asked and the PC Attorney will convert everything into a legally binding document valid and applicable in all 50 states. Fast easy and convenient this software program creates legal forms for you so you don’t have to spend time and money working with an attorney. Realize how simple and straightforward creating legal documents can be even if you are not familiar with legal terms.   Form Categories Debts: Agreement to compromise debt Notice of default Unconditional guarantee Revocation of guarantee Settlement offer Subordination agreement secured debt Subordination agreement Subordination by landlord Substitution of collateral agreement Discharge of guarantor Release of collateral Notice of usurious interest rate Children: Adoption of adult Consent by parent for operation to child Designation of preference for guardian for minors Permission for child to go on trip Ratification of contract made as a minor Transfer and Receipt- Uniform Transfers to Minors Power of attorney for minor children Release of custodian under Uniform Transfers to Minors Private adoption agreement Child custody temporary change Child custody permanent change Child support temporary reduction Child support temporary suspension Child support arrearage agreement Child support agreement- illegitimate child Paternity dispute lump payment denial pre-natal Paternity dispute lump sum payment denial after birth Acknowledgment of paternity before birth Acknowledgment of paternity after birth Living trusts and general trusts: Charitable trust Living Trust basic form Nominee trust Revocation of living trust basic form Business Trust Unitrust charitable declaration Termination of trust receipt/discharge Irrevocable life insurance trust funded Irrevocable life insurance trust unfunded Partnership: General partnership- small firm Dissolution of partnership agreement Releases from Liability: Advance release of liability- ultrahazardous activity Mediation of claim prior to suit Mutual Release of Claims Release for use of photographs/movies Unilateral Release of All Claims Libel/defamation release Sales of personal property: Noncommercial bill of sale for used goods Automobile-- lemon car notice Bailment (Agreement to lend or borrow personal property) Bill of sale for used goods (consumer) Denial of credit notice credit bureau information Denial of credit notice other information Door to door sales disclosure Revocation of acceptance of goods Right of rescission Overcharge claim Sellers agreement to repurchase Lending and borrowing: Bankruptcy Proof of Claim FTC Notice to Co-signers Guarantee forms Security agreement Promissory note (installment demand due date) Notice of default on note  Offer to settle debt in dispute Offer to compromise debt Revocation of guarantee Corporations: Agreement for sale of unregistered stock Shareholder s agreement Independent Contracting Form Job offer Lease: Commercial Lease Commercial lease building Lease with option to purchase Residential lease- services as part rent Residential lease- short form Lease agreement- unfurnished home Notice to quit or pay rent Modification of lease Application for tenant Hunting/fishing license/lease Mobile lot home rental Miscellaneous: Personal and business legal checkup checklist Lottery pooling agreement Exercise of right of rescission General form for affidavits California all purpose acknowledgement General form for declarations under penalty of perjury Ratification of unauthorized signature on check Stop Payment Order on check Subscription to charity drive Notice under Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act Private annuity agreement Reward for finding lost pet Reward for missing person Marriage: Parental consent for minor to marry Ratification of existing marriage Non marriage living together agreement Pre-marital agreement Divorce agreement Reconciliation agreement Termination non-marital agreement Remarriage agreement Automobiles: Automobile sale-- odometer statement (federal law) Automobile bill of sale Automobile sale power of attorney Automobile bailment (borrowing) Automobile Consignment Sale Offer to purchase automobile Automobile proof of loss (insurance claim) Lemon law notice Codicil: Codicil- Revocation of gift Codicil- New Bequests Codicil- New Executor Codicil- Purchase at a discount gift Codicil- Forgive debts Codicil- New child Codicil- New spouse Codicil- Life estate gift Codicil; Revival of previously revoked will Insurance: Insurance claim form- building/personal property Pledge of life insurance policy to secure debt Reservation of rights as to coverage of policy Reservation of rights as to existence of policy Subrogation agreement Sworn statement in proof of loss- automobile Living wills: Uniform Living Will Continue Care (Reverse Living Will) Revocation of living will Medical Power of attorney for health care Powers of attorney: Simple Power of Attorney Durable Power of Attorney Medical Power of attorney for health care Internal Revenue Service Power of Attorney Certification that Power of Attorney remains in effect Power of attorney to sign checks Revocation of Power of Attorney Power of attorney to sell automobile Power of attorney for minor children Power of attorney- joint attorneys Springing power of attorney Nomination of conservator Power of attorney form for the inspection of corporate tax Purchase and sale of a home: Real estate brokerage agreement- exclusive listing Real estate brokerage agreement- non-exclusive listing  Satisfaction of mortgage/deed of trust Escrow agreement Uniform quit-claim deed Offer to purchase real estate Option to purchase Assignment of contract to sell Occupation after closing by seller agreement Acceptance of offer to purchase real estate Auction sales agreement for real estate Buyer s demand for return of deposit Personal residence purchase- checklist Agreement to close termites credit Affidavit of no liens Election (demand) for liquidated damages Buyer s demand for deposit- survey defect Buyer s demand for deposit- termite Buyer s notice of defect- inspection Buyer s notice of defect- survey Buyer s notice of defect- title Remodeling of a home: Contracting agreement small job Contracting agreement larger job Party wall agreement for repair Agreement to accelerate work Change order Cost plus straight cost plus Cost plus maximum price savings shared Cost plus maximum price penalty Demand for account statement mechanic s lien Draw request Extension of time to complete Lien release Mechanic s lien waiver Release of mechanic s lien Road building agreement Construction payment bond Notice of termination of construction Notice of commencement Notice of termination of construction Wills: Personal inventory worksheet for estate planning Caveat (demand for notice if estate is filed) Joint and mutual will Nuncupative will (oral will later reduced to writing) Simple will-- All to spouse Simple will-- All to children in equal shares Simple will-- All to stated individuals in equal shares Will providing trust for education of children/grand children Will- 2 beneficiaries- unequal shares Will- 3 beneficiaries- unequal shares Will- 4 beneficiaries- unequal shares Will- 5 beneficiaries- unequal shares Will- 6 beneficiaries- unequal shares Will- 7 beneficiaries- unequal shares Revocation of all previous wills Advancement agreement Will-- deducting of advancements Simple will-- All to charity Payment of bills: Declaration of homestead Revocation of guarantee Satisfaction of mortgage/deed of trust Notice of usurious interest rate Disapproval of credit other than credit bureau Request for copy of credit bureau report Demand for placement of statement on credit bureau Notice of applicability of Soldier s and Sailors Relief Act Claims of liability by others: Demand for retraction with text Demand for retraction no specific text Federal Tort Claims Act general claim form Uninsured Motorist Claim and Trust Agreement Subrogation agreement Reservation of rights punitive damages First report of injury worker s compensation Medical: Consent for autopsy Consent for operation Consent for operation next of kin Medical records release form Protection of fee from accident (letter of protection) Collection of Debts: Assignment of account receivable Collection agency agreement Collection notice first notice Collection notice second notice Collection notice third/final notice Default notice- promissory note Demand for additional collateral Guarantees- limited unlimited Guarantees- alternate form Proof of claim affidavit Statement of account request secured loans Deed in lieu of foreclosure Reinstatement of mortgage Legal 911 Legal 911 provides you with three different resources packed with legal advice. These programs are: Videos with tutorials 911 Law Library The 50 Most Commonly Asked Legal Questions As a special bonus Legal 911 also includes two powerful financial calculators.  Whether you need to calculate an annuity problem do a complete mortgage loan amortization or find out the loan payment on your new car the financial calculators will do the trick. Many persons have found out the first action taken in response to a crisis is the most important. On many occasions persons who were wronged and had legal rights made mistakes while handling the problem on their own or waited too long to assert their rights and lost important legal protections. Many legal protections which affect consumers the most like correcting credit card errors require action within as little as sixty days! With Legal 911 you ll know the time limits and how to handle these problems or when to go and get professional assistance. Legal 911 provides quick   authoritative answers to the most common legal questions. The topics for the 50 most common questions are: AIRLINES - Bumping (Over Booked Flights); Lost Baggage; Missed Flights Delays; Canceled Flights ARREST ATTORNEYS - How Do I Select An Attorney? AUTO ACCIDENT - Slow Insurance Payment; Serious Personal Injury BANKRUPTCY - Discharge Of Taxes; Obtaining Credit After Filing BANKS - Automatic Teller Cards and Electronic Funds Transfer COLLECTION AGENCY -Harassment; COOLING OFF PERIODS COPYRIGHT CREDIT BUREAUS - Adverse Credit Report CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving; Victim Of Crime; Sealing Of Criminal Record DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS DIVORCE - Moving Children Out Of State; Collection Of Child Support; Increase Or Reduction Of Child Support ESTATE TAX - Amount Planning FORECLOSURE HEALTH CARE - Living Wills -Death With Dignity; Health Care Power Of Attorney INVENTIONS - Patents JURY DUTY LANDLORD- TENANT DISPUTES LAWSUIT MARRIAGE - Debts; Common Law MINORS - Contracts NEIGHBORS - Dogs Cats Loose Animals; Noise; Trees PURCHASING A HOME SMALL BUSINESS - Should I Incorporate? TAX - Offer In Compromise; Record Keeping; Mistake On Tax Return; Audit; Hobby Versus Business; Independent Contractor Status; TELEPHONE - 900 Line Charges TRADEMARKS TRAFFIC TICKETS - Speeding; WILLS - Should I Have One?  Avoiding Probate; Disinheriting; Handwritten; Revocation Windows Requirements Windows 95 98 Me NT 4.0 XP 32MB of RAM 10MB of Hard Disk Space CD-ROM Drive Mouse or pointing device is required To print out any forms you create or save i the program you must have a printer To view videos you must have a multimedia kit and speakers This program is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. This program provides forms and information about the law and suggestions on how to use the program. * Please note the content of the CD-ROM is PC Attorney & Legal 911 NOT Perfect Patents Copyrights & Trademarks. We believe that the product Disc is mislabeled the above description matches the content of the Disc. Software pictured above is represented by the packaging for easier viewing. You will receive actual software on a CD.

Model: 40215

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