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Encore Software 33001 Games Just For Boys 2nd Edition
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Encore Software 33001 Games Just For Boys 2nd Edition

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Encore Software 33001 Games Just For Boys 2nd Edition

Item Description
4 Awesome Games for Kids! Product Information Games Just for Boys Second Edition is a collection of four full version games just for boys!  Help Jimmy save the town of Retroville save the island from volcanic eruptions with the Rescue Heroes get geared up with Chuck the Dump Truck and his Tonka crew and prepare yourself for soccer madness mayhem! Product Title Included LEGO Soccer Mania Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Lava Landslide The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron Tonka Town Product Overview LEGO Soccer Mania In Soccer Mania play soccer the way you want. Customize the craziest Minifigure soccer teams and challenge awesome opposition. Use amazing power-ups in hilarious matches across action-packed themed LEGO environments. It s an adventure that takes you from the Arctic to the Wild West to Mars. Features: Choose your soccer team from lots of crazy LEGO characters. From medieval castles to the depths of outer space there are tons of fantastic LEGO settings. Fast-paced soccer action on the LEGO field the ball never goes out of play! Play in snowy valleys mysterious islands pirate ships cowboy forts and more! Find and use mind-blowing power-ups. Features 23 unique action-packed themed stadium environments. Game power-ups include Rocket Ball and Steal the Ball. Use all your soccer skills to win the LEGO Cup Challenge! Customize your own Minifigure team. Cool power-ups transform the game. Play in exciting themed settings. Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Lava Landslide Emergency! This is a Rescue Heroes alert! An erupting volcano s hot flowing lava has trapped cave explorers and threatens wild animals! Only the Rescue Heroes Team can save them before time runs out!  Team up with new Rescue Heroes characters and steer the Aquatic Rescue Command Center and other cool vehicles through treacherous obstacles to save those in need before the volcano erupts! This is one exciting  mission! Features: Access computer terminals Control security cameras Operate heavy machinery and vehicles through dozens of gorgeous environments With Quake II engine-powered graphic detail Multiplayer gaming Explore hyper-interactive worlds The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron Jimmy Neutron is attending a field trip at the Retroville Museum. He s bored of hearing Miss Fowl go on and on  about the museum artifacts. Jimmy wishes something exciting would happen and his wish is about to come true...but in a way he never imagines.  Jimmy Negatron Jimmy Neutron s alter ego from another dimension has discovered a way to swap places. His plan is so transparent into Jimmy Neutron s dimension and turn Retroville upside down. He has created a special holding pen in the corner of his lab just for our favorite boy genius. In a flash Negatron s evil plan is in place. He s taken over Retroville and changed the Flurp Formula to put the entire city under his spell. And that s not all...he s transformed Carl into a raging giant mummified Miss Fowl and captured Libby and Jimmy s parents.  Now for the big important question...can Jimmy Neutron successfully escape Jimmy Negatron s lab break out of his dimension and once again save Retroville? Features: Vehicles include Mini Sub VR Tank Scooter and Jet Pack Inventions include Water Balloon Launcher Hover Cycle Rocket Ship and Super Burp-Zooka Battle Jimmy Negatron for supreme Genius Travel through time and confront prehistoric creatures Communicate through high-tech gadgets Tonka Town Join Chuck The Dump Truck and all of his Tonka friends in the town where every building and vehicle talks - even buildings and parking meters!  You will sign in and create your own personalized license plate. There are so many jobs to do in Tonka Town.  You can do everything from collecting the mail to picking up litter to putting out fires around town using one of the four trucks to complete your mission.  With teamwork you and your favorite Tonka Town buddies can help save the day! Features: Collect and Deliver Missions:  There are several mission where you must find a collection of missing items. You can find most of the items just about anywhere around town. You can find others items like coins and mail in the parking meters and mailboxes. Race:  Drive any of the truck to M. LE Scoreboard. Your truck will be taken to a racetrack and paired against one of the V8 crew. The race pairing depends on which truck you are currently driving.  Watch out because your opponent might try to slow you down by dropping things like oil slicks and tacks. Construction Zone Catch:  Oh no! Chris Crane has swallowed his lunch whole!  Now he s got a bade case of the hiccups and he s dropping construction materials everywhere. He needs your help! Fire Fighting:  Lightning has struck a dumpster outside of some Tonka Town buildings. Wind has blown the sparks and there are fires raging around the buildings! They need your help to put out the fires. Police Chase and Bump:  What are we going to do with that V8 Crew?  They are teasing some of the buildings in Tonka Town again. Can you bump them out of Tonka Town back to V8 Ville where they belong? Trash Collection:  Things are really getting out of hand. The Tonka River is full of trash. Can you help fish the trash out of the river? CB Radio allows you to switch trucks at any time during the game Tonka Town map displays all of the buildings in the town Mission Meter tracks your mission progress for you Print certificates and coloring pages Difficulty Levels Windows Requirements Windows 98SE Me 2000 SP4 XP SP1 (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy Negatron was not designed to run on Windows 2000) Pentium II 350MHz processor or higher 64MB of RAM (128MB RAM for XP) 500MB free hard disk space 12X CD-ROM Drive DirectX 9 compatible 16MB video card DirectX 9 compatible sound card DirectX 9 (included) QuickTime 5 (included) Keyboard Mouse

Model: 33001

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