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MidWay Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor s Choice Edition & Mega Bonus Pack!
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MidWay Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor s Choice Edition & Mega Bonus Pack!

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MidWay Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor s Choice Edition & Mega Bonus Pack!

Item Description
A true measure of skill and determination... let battle commence! Product Information Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor s Choice Edition adds new maps for the groundbreaking Onslaught mode new vehicles new characters and a wide selection of the best user-made game modifications (mods) hand-selected by the designers at Epic Games. Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor s Choice Edition also includes all of the content from Unreal Tournament 2004 such as the massively improved graphics new weapons and huge levels and layers and layers of polish and gameplay depth. Along with all of UT2003 s game modes and maps UT2004 features vehicles new weapons two new game modes and more new maps. The popular Assault mode from the original Unreal Tournament makes a welcome return to the series. The game mechanics remain the same: one team attacks by completing a series of objectives while the other team must prevent them from succeeding. Unreal Tournament 2004 is a multiplayer first person shooter that combines the kill-or-be-killed experience of gladiatorial combat with cutting-edge technology. Ten game modes - both team-based and every man for himself -- provide even the most hardcore gamer with palm-sweating challenges through unbelievably detailed indoor arenas and vast outdoor environments. As the ultimate techno-gladiator of the future players will take their fates into their hands battling against up to 32 other players online in action-packed frag-filled arenas. It s the year 2362. The most anticipated Tournament ever is about to take place dwarfing the spectacle and drama of previous events. The finest competitors ever assembled prepare to lay waste to their opponents and claim the Tournament Trophy for themselves. Activities Include See for yourself what the DVD features bring to this multiplayer game....the tournament has never been more real! Assault (New in UT2004) Assault mode returns! Redesigned for UT2004 this fan-favorite mode sees teams face-off to defend and attack fortified bases from fast-moving trains barreling across an arid alien desert to a Skaarj mother ship poised to attack the human home world. Onslaught (New in UT2004) Onslaught mode takes team combat to the next level! Opposing teams are pitted against each other to capture and hold strategic points in order to attack and destroy the enemy power core. Taking place in massive outdoor environments here is where vehicular combat comes into its own. Flying and driving machines take combatants to the frontline and gigantic mobile battle stations serve as a platform from which to launch devastating attacks. Deathmatch Players are pitted against each other in a balls-to-the-wall free-for-all. Anything goes. The one with the most kills wins. Team Deathmatch Join your teammates in the quest for battlefield supremacy. The team that kills the most enemy players is judged the winner. Capture The Flag Each level has two team flags. In order to score one team must penetrate the opposing team s defenses Capture the Flag and return it to their home team s flag. If the flag carrier is killed the flag drops to the ground for anyone to pick up. If your team s flag is taken it must be returned before your team can take the opposing team s flag. Double Domination Each level has 2 Domination Points. In order to score you must capture each Control Point (by running over it) and keep them in your team s possession for 10 seconds. After scoring the Control Points reset to neutral and will become available to Dominate again after another 10 seconds. Bombing Run Each level has one ball in the middle of the play field. The objective is to pick up the ball deliver it to the enemy base and fire it through their goal. You must also defend your own goal to prevent the enemy from scoring. The ball is dropped when a player is killed and can then be picked up by anyone on either team. Mutant The player who makes the first frag becomes the mutant and is immediately equipped with all weapons extra ammo invisibility agility and berserk. However the mutant s health slowly decreases and can only be replenished by fragging other players. Once there is a mutant all other players are charged with hunting him down. Points are scored only by the mutant when they frag other players. As an optional twist the player with the lowest score becomes the BottomFeeder -- he can frag other players who are not the mutant and receive points. As soon as his score isn t the lowest a new player becomes the BottomFeeder. Last Man Standing This is similar to the Last Man Standing mode in the original Unreal Tournament. Players regenerate health when they frag an opponent. If a player stands in one place for too long they will be revealed to other players as a camper and their location will appear on all opponent s displays. Invasion In this game type players band together to defend against waves of incoming monsters -- including many of the monsters from the original Unreal. Players cannot respawn if they die during a wave but as long as one player makes it to the end of a wave alive everyone respawns for the next wave. Product Features Vehicles Rev-up and ride out in an array of land- air- and space-based vehicles that play critical roles in a successful combat strategy in Assault and Onslaught. With vehicles ranging from single man fighters to five man behemoths Unreal Tournament 2004 provides players with plenty of choices when shopping for a mechanized implement of destruction. Levels More than 95 maps will be available immediately including more than 45 brand new maps for all existing game play modes as well as new modes of play. Vast outdoor environments deep space combat areas and tightly packed indoor techno-arenas are all waiting for the latest entrants to the Tournament. Weapons The entire smorgasbord of frag-dealing weaponry from Unreal Tournament 2003 returns for the experienced player to wield masterfully against new contestants. Those armaments are joined by three new implements of doom: the Mine layer which disperses spider-like bombs that chase and harass any enemy that comes within range; the anti vehicle rocket launcher or AVRiL which deals out a payload of massive rockets tuned to seek and destroy enemy mechanized units; the Grenade Launcher which launches timed explosives that will bounce on the ground and stick to enemies and enemy vehicles only to be triggered by the weapons altfire command; and the return of the notorious Sniper Rifle from the original Unreal tournament completely redesigned and upgraded to make heads roll. New Characters Unreal Tournament 2004 introduces 32 new characters on four new teams: The human Thunder Crash lead by Tournament hero Malcolm; the Robotic Corrupt lead by an upgraded Xan Kriegor; the Iron Skull a team of merciless Skaarj warriors; and the Hellions -- wreckless human mercenaries and pirates who delight in the thrill of the kill. New Technology Unreal Tournament not only brings new content for hardcore fans to relish it also delivers a tremendous technology update over its predecessor delivering a faster slicker deeper experience than ever before. New technological features include: Voice-over IP support - command and coordinate. Give orders rally your troops or talk smack with the enemy. Voice recognition - give orders to bots; no more typing when you should be fighting! Completely redesigned menus including a new server browser with right-click menus and many brand-new configurable features. Improved AI: vehicle control advanced dodging and wall-dodging improved aim better team coordination. Deeper single player mode with comprehensive team management options challenge matches multiple endings and more. Integrated map vote and match set-up for Internet play. UnrealTV - a proxy broadcast system allowing a huge number of spectators to watch a match live over the Internet. Pixomatic software renderer allowing incredible performance with no 3D card required. Play UT2004 on your laptop! A re-designed HUD improved weapon effects (bullet decals incredible explosions) improved first person weapon rendering and innumerable improvements for mod authors new announcer voices rendering optimizations...the list goes on! Product Highlights The Tournament 2362 has a cast of characters unequaled in its 25 year history. The Corrupt: Xan Kriegor was long regarded as invincible until Malcolm defeated him in the fourth officially recognized Tournament finals. After a long hiatus he has returned to lead the Liandri team The Corrupt back to the championship. Xan is sitting out the early rounds which he perceives as beneath his attention. Thunder Crash: Following his well publicized break-up with long-time teammates Brock and Lauren Malcolm has returned to lead his old team Thunder Crash. Malcolm is currently rehabilitating an injury sustained in last year s championship match but he is expected to be healthy in time for the Tournament Finals. Iron Guard: Brock and Lauren joined forces with Malcolm during his reign as Tournament champion. Infighting and recrimination over their stunning defeat in last year s Tournament led to the dissolution of that team. Now Brock and Lauren have returned leading their old team the Iron Guard. Juggernauts: Gorge is determined to prove that his one year reign as Tournament Champion is no fluke and he has re-assembled the Juggernaut team he led to the championship. Axon Research Corporation has made armor and bio-genetic upgrades to the Juggernauts design for this year s Tournament. Iron Skull: This year the Skaarj Empire is represented by the Iron Skull clan who seek to regain honor after long being held responsible for the loss of the Skaarj Mothership during the Human/Skaarj wars. Sun Blade: Sun Blade is comprised of former Temple Guardians and veterans of the Desert Legion. They see victory in the Tournament as their only hope for burial and eternal life in the Valley of Kings on Luxor IV. Super Nova: Super Nova a team of mercenaries from the Seventh Mercenary Fleet has entered the Tournament to pay off their debts to the Izanagi Corporation. Black Legion: The Black Legion is made up of the hideously deformed subjects of weaponized genetic mutation tests. This year they have a new leader Abaddon the current pinnacle of achievement of this line of experiments. Fire Storm: The Mokara are respected and feared as warriors. The Mokara s elite fighting unit Fire Storm sends a team of their best soldiers to the Tournament each year. Hellions: Once feared and reviled throughout human space as pirates and renegades the Hellions seek to gain respectability as a mercenary outfit. They ve entered the Tournament to demonstrate their capabilities to potential customers. Blood Fist: The only team in the Tournament acknowledged to be entirely cybernetic Blood Fist warriors have their programming upgraded each year and have become more and more lethal. Goliath: With the success of Gorge s Juggernauts in last year s Tournament Axon Research Corporation is now sponsoring Goliath in hopes of producing an all Juggernaut finals. Product Reviews ...the best game that s come out this year. 5/5!      - adrenalinevault UT 2004 is the complete package      - Play they ve unleashed a monster...    5out of 5 - Game of the Month      - GameSpy ...the quintessential 5/5 adrenaline-fueled frag test      - Gamers Depot ...simply undeniable. 9/10      - 1UP No other multiplayer-focused action game has this much to offer. 9.4 superb      - GameSpot appeals to every online shooter fan...      - YAHOO! Games Domain ...extremely well done   9.3      - gamershell       Minimum Requirements Windows 98 Me 2000 XP (Linux version not supported by Atari) Pentium III 1.0 GHzor AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz processor or faster (1.2 GHz or faster processor recommended) 128 MB RAM minimum (256 MB recommended) 5.5 GB free Hard Disk Space 6X Speed DVD-ROM Drive 32MB Windows 98/Me/2000/XP compatible video card (64MB NVIDIA GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon Hardware T&L card recommended) * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP compatible sound card *  (NVIDIA nForce or other motherboards/sound cards containing the Dolby Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio. Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS card recommended) * DriectX version 9.0b (included) or higher 33.6Kbps modem for LAN/Internet play (broadband Internet connection recommended) * Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0b or higher

Model: 36408

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