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FogWare Publishing Space Reference Series
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FogWare Publishing Space Reference Series

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FogWare Publishing Space Reference Series

Item Description
Explore all subjects in the universe from Newton to black holes Product Information The Space DVD Collection provides hours of interactive experiences including over 1 450 printable images and 7 hours of audio books and includes space screen saver.  Explore the heavens above with your own personal astronomer!  Discover the mysterious secrets of the ancient sky.  Navigate the ever-changing solar system exploring the sun stars and space.  Includes enticing images that examine life on other planets and unidentified flying objects.  Understand the origin of the universe the birth and death of the stars quasars pulsars and black holes.  Journey to the closet neighbors - the inner planets and more mysterious outer planets. Educational Features Space Speculation Science Fiction Science Fact Is There Life on Other planets? Unidentified Flying Objects Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs? The Universe How Was the Universe Born? Our Milky Way and Other Galaxies The Birth and Death of Stars Quasars Pulsars and Black Holes Videos A Closer Look at the Earth A Closer Look at the Moon A Closer Look at the Planets A Closer Look at the Sun and Stars Product Title Included Ancient Astronomy Mythology and the Universe Astronomy Today The Space Spotter s Guide The Earth: Important Facts Composition of the Earth Geologic Processes History of the Earth Mercury: The Quick Planet Venus: A Shrouded Mystery Earth: Our Home Base The Earth s Moon Mars: Our Mysterious Neighbor Jupiter: The Spotted Giant Saturn: The Ringed Beauty Uranus: The Sideways Planet Neptune: The Farthest Giant Pluto: A Double Planet? Stars Planets The Earth The Moon Space Flight Rockets Probes and Satellites Piloted Space Flights Colonizing the Planets and Stars Space Garbage Product Overview Astronomy Why did ancient peoples look to the stars for guidance and an explanation of earthly occurrences?  Why did they create stories out of the images they saw in the sky?   A 40-minute multimedia presentation and more than 350 stunning images reveal the history of the study of stars.  Learn how Galileo s use of the telescope revolutionized astronomy and why today s scientists now use radio telescopes to study distant stars. The Earth Learn about the Earth and important facts.  Discover the geologic processes and the history of the Earthy. The Inner Planet Take a journey to our solar system s rocky planets Mercury Venus Earth and Mars.   Discover why Venus is known both as an evening star and a morning star and explore why until recently scientists have had trouble studying the surface of Mercury the quick planet.    Learn more about our home planet Earth and its moon.  Uncover the secrets of our mysterious neighbor Mars The Outer Planet Why are Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune called the gas giants ?  What celestial body orbits alongside Pluto?   Unravel the unique characteristics of each of the five planets farthest from the sun as you listen to multimedia presentation.  Discover why Jupiter is called the Spotted Giant and learn why Galileo thought Saturn s beautiful rings were ears around the planet.   Solar System Explore the magnificent cloud of dust and gas that swirled for billions of years.  Then witness the explosion that formed the sun and it s family of planets.   You ll discover the unique attributes of each planet in our solar system and learn why only Earth can support life as we know it.  Uncover the mysteries of comets and why they appear so regularly and examine the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.    Space Exploration Journey through the galaxy to uncover the secrets of outer space.  Begin your exploration with an explanation of rockets probes and satellites and how they have catapulted our quest for knowledge about space.  Then discover the world of piloted space flights walks in space and space shuttle missions.  Consider the possibilities of colonizing other planets and star systems.     Windows Requirements Windows 2000 or XP DVD Drive Internet Explorer for some titles No Disk Space Required No Installation Required Sound System Macintosh Requirements Mac OS X DVD Drive Internet Explorer for some titles No Disk Space Required No Installation Required Sound System

Model: 36520

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