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Focus Foodservice FPS1872VNGN 18 in. x 72 in. FPS-Plus vented polymer shelf

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FPS-Plus Polymer Shelving with SaniGard™ Anti-Microbial Protection Need a storage system that is easier to clean and offers the same flexibility & durability of standard wire shelving. FPS-Plus™ is the answer, the next generation of storage solutions from Focus Foodservice.Shelving can be a breeding ground for microbes, and the 24/7 protection of SaniGard provides operators the added level of protection they seek. SaniGard™ Anti-Microbial Protection keeps FPS-Plus shelving cleaner by continuously fighting the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. Plus, the polymer mats can be easily removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.SaniGard is incorporated into the plastic material during the manufacturing process, so it won't wash off or wear away. It is protection that lasts for the useful life of your shelving.SaniGard is safe for people and the environment and has been proven effective as tested by independent laboratories. While not a substitute for thorough cleaning and good sanitation practices, SaniGard can make an important contribution to a more sanitary foodservice operation.

  • Mats lift off for easy cleaning and fit into dishwashers
  • Shelving units assemble and disassemble quickly, no tools required
  • All polymer panels, green epoxy posts and wire frames are infused with SaniGard™ protection
  • Polymer shelf panels have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.
  • Pack of 2
  • Size - 18 x 72 in.
Assembly Instructions

Helpful Hint -
  • When placing the plastic tapered sleeves onto the posts slide the plastic tapered sleeves up or down on the post until you feel it “snap” into the lines or grooves of the post. It is normal to have a slight gap in-between the two pieces of the plastic tapered sleeves when it is placed on the post.
Step 1
  • Choose the desired height of the bottom shelf (for added stability, it is recommended that the bottom shelf is installed no more than (2 û 3 lines) from the floor and the top shelf no more than 6?(2 û 3 lines) from the top.) Snap two (2) plastic tapered sleeves, with the arrows facing up, at the desired height on each post. (See Diagram #1) Shelves can be adjusted every. (Note - Double grooves in the posts are placed every 8th groove for simple shelf height reference.)
Step 2
  • Place shelf on its side, making sure the wider portion of the four (4) round shelf collars are facing the bottom of the unit, slide the top of the posts through the round shelf collars on each corner of the shelves. Push the shelves firmly onto the plastic tapered sleeves.
Step 3
  • After installing the bottom shelf, set the unit upright
Step 4
  • Snap the plastic tapered sleeves into place on posts at the next desired shelf height. Slide the shelf down from the top of the posts onto the plastic tapered sleeves and repeat this step for the remaining shelves. (Note - A rubber mallet may be used to tap each corner of the shelves so they firmly install onto the plastic tapered sleeves.) (Note - The leg levelers may need to be utilized in order to make the unit level or flush against the wall.)
  • Heavy objects must be placed--not dropped--Onto the shelves
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Color Green
Size 18 in. x 72 in.