Six Generations 6GN 1000 Card Game with Playing Cards

Six Generations 6GN 1000 Card Game with Playing Cards
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Six Generations is essentially an educational, parlor card game for people of all ages, children and adults, in which up to twelve players each create their own family trees spanning six generations. The playing cards used are unique to the game itself.The game tracks the history of the United States in the period of peak European immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Each character is ""born"" into the game with his or her own story of genealogy, ancestors and matchmaking. Players view period costumes of Europeans and Americans, consider facts about various European countries and regions involved in the immigrant surge and learn of popular first names of males and females circa the historical period and ethnic groups in question.Young players are helped to realize through example just how many ancestors (sixty-two) lived through the last five generations necessary to make their own lives possible.The game itself is loosely based on six generations of an immigrant family which actually came from Europe to the United States during the period in question, and the games ""latest generation"" cards include ""Emily"" and ""Jacob,"" an actual later-generation brother and sister living in the United States in 2004 at the time of the game's creation.Six Generations allows for different modes of play and outcomes.