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Manfrotto Distribution MAN-1052BAC Compact Photo Stand Air Cushioned & Portable

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Compact Photo Stand Air Cushioned & Portable

Another product innovation from Manfrotto Lighting Support. Their lightweight and compact-size make them a practical tool for your lighting support needs. The lightweight stand range consists of 7, 8, 9 and 12' Stands as singles or in 3 packs! With a patented Quick Stack System (QSS) portability is the key feature! Connecting the stands together saves a lot of room while storing them in the studio. A more compact case can be used when shooting outdoors because of this unique design. Material alternatives are crucial to provide high performance and light weight. Adaptor is the newmaterial specifically developed by Manfrotto for both collars and spider castings of the 1051BACMINI COMPACT STAND and the 1052BAC COMPACT STAND. Adaptor is a special technical polymer that is comparable to aluminum in strength, but is 50% lighter. Adaptor is an ideal material for photoimaging equipment as it has superb resistance to extreme temperatures and will not corrode or oxidize. Additionally, Adaptor is an excellent vibration absorption material, making our equipment the ultimate in vibration free shots. New Adaptor collars are made from a single locking component, ensuring better performance and easier maintenance. STACKING SYSTEM LEG LOCK A stronger and more ergonomic handle makes it easier/assists to secure stands into the operating position. LOCKING DEVICE Just a click away from your baby! Push on the new locking device and detach one stand, for quick usage ATTACHMENT A 3/8'' screw top female to 1/4" adapter male (015), allows you to connect additional accessories. RISER LOCK HANDLE A new bi-injection casting provides the photographer with a better ergonomic grip. QUALITY AND RELIABILITY TESTS All the structural components that are crucial for the safety or have to support high stress are engineered using the FEM analysis. The FEM (Finite Element Method) permits simulation of external forces in different applications to calculate the resulting stress on the component. Using this tool Manfrotto can optimize the design of the product obtaining the highest performance and the lowest weight. 10501BAC Minimum Height - 29.5in/75cm Maximum Height - 83in/211cm Closed Length - 26.4in/67cm Footprint Diameter - 27.6in/70cm Weight - 2.2lbs/1kg Maximum Evenly Distributed Load - 8.8lbs/4kg 10502BAC Minimum Height - 39.8in/101cm Maximum Height - 93in/237cm Closed Length - 33.9in/86cm Footprint Diameter - 42.9in/109cm Weight - 2.64lbs/1.2kg Maximum Evenly Distributed Load - 11lbs/5kg 1004BAC Minimum Height - 48.8.8in/124cm Maximum Height - 144in/366cm Closed Length - 42.1in/107cm Footprint Diameter - 41.7in/106cm Weight - 4.73lbs/2.15kg Maximum Evenly Distributed Load - 19.8lbs/9kg 1005BAC Minimum Height - 46.5in/118cm Maximum Height - 107.5in/273cm Closed Length - 39.4in/100cm Footprint Diameter - 41.7in/106cm Weight - 4.4lbs/2kg Maximum Evenly Distributed Load - 22lbs/10kg

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