NewU TNU4B Bedwetting Alarm to Stop Bedwetting in Deep Sleeper Boys & Girls, Blue

NewU TNU4B Bedwetting Alarm to Stop Bedwetting in Deep Sleeper Boys & Girls, Blue
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Manufacturer Part #: TNU4B
Colors: Blue
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Size: 1 oz

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Complete Bedwetting Solution - NewU Bedwetting alarm helps your child stop nighttime bedwetting and get up dry and fresh in the morning without the use of medication. An ideal bedwetting alarm for boys and girls, this microprocessor controlled alarm is safe, compact and weighs only 1 oz. Discreet functionality makes it ideal for use at home, when travelling or going for sleepovers or camps. NewU Bedwetting Alarm (incontinence alarm) builds a brain-bladder connection and alert the bedwetter when wetting occurs by waking up your deep sleeper on detecting the first drop of urine and train them to stop bedwetting in a few weeks.

Urine detection Sensor - NewU Bedwetting alarms come with a Strong Hold Sensor that detects the first drop of urine so your child does not miss a bedwetting event and holds the undergarment tight to ensure the sensor is in place all night even for the children who move a lot in bed.

Troubleshooting - With lever open, rinse sensor under tap water for 2-3 seconds.Shake sensor to remove excess water.Every week, use a small toothbrush, warm water and liquid soap to gently scrub the inside of the sensor and remove urine residue; rinse under tap water for 5 seconds till soap is removed.Wipe inside of sensor with an absorbent cloth and completely dry prior to use.

  • Perfet solution for bedding
  • High quality affordable alaram
  • One drop detection sensor
How to use:
  • Attach the alarm unit to pajama top and connect the cord to the sensor by running it through the pajama top
  • The sensor is clipped to outside of underwear at the point where urination first occurs
  • The new technology Strong Hold sensor holds the sensor in place and detects pee at the very first drop
  • Early urine detection is an important feature in alerting your child so they can wake up the moment they start bedwetting and go to the bathroom to finish urinating
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 0.062 lbs