Guardian TGDN Bedside Bedwetting Alarm for Kids, Teenagers & Adults with Loud Sound & Strong Vibration to Wake Up De

Guardian TGDN Bedside Bedwetting Alarm for Kids, Teenagers & Adults with Loud Sound & Strong Vibration to Wake Up De
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Bedwetting alarm for maximum succesguardian bedwetting alarm is a perfect choice to stop bedwetting in children, teens and adult bed wetters. Guardian alarm has three alert modes to awaken bedwetters; sound and vibration, sound only and vibration only. The alarm automatically cycles through 8 alert tones each time a bedwetting event occurs so you don't get used to any one sound. The bedwetting alarm can also be used in silent (discreet) mode for camps, sleepovers and when you are traveling. Cloth bed mat sensor with fast detect technology Guard I an bedside bedwetting alarm system is built with comfort in mind for those who do not want wire on their body while the alarm unit is placed on bedside with included metal stand the Cotton mat sensor connects to alarm unit through a detachable 10 ft long cord. The reversible Soft touch cotton sensor mat is placed directly over the bed sheet and users can sleep on it. No need to place it below a Bedsheet like many other plastic bedside bedwetting systems. The mat is reversible so any side can be placed up. If you have wet one side you can flip the other side in the night for quick use without disturbing your sleep. The mat detects the first drop of urine and alert the user so he gets up and use the bathroom. It works on the behavior modification. The user within few weeks starts getting up even before the bedwetting occurs. The reversible cotton mat sensor also comes in a small size for those who need to be monitored on wheelchairs and/or smaller spaces. Perfect for deep sleepersguardian bedwetting alarm with one touch program button is known for easy setup, wakes up bedwetter the moment bedwetting occurred and help stop bedwetting in few weeks without medication. This alarm is known for its technology that offer unparalleled treatment efficacy and safety for maximum success.

  • The most comfortable bedside bedwetting alarm
  • Fast detect technology
  • Complete enuresis solution
  • Quick to use and easy to maintain
  • For bedwetting kids teens and adults
  • Size: Bed
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs